White Lion Health

What Sets Us Apart


The color of our product as compared to competitors. Usually lighter color means fewer impurities.


Others smell like burned sugar or smell like solvent; ours is specially designed to have a floral aromatic caused by the terpenes we retain. Note: Our terpenes are naturally extracted from the technology. We do not purchase terpenes to add to our oils.


Our oil is still viscous at high CBD potency as compared to other competitors. In addition, our customers purchase our oil because our oil does not crystallize.


Solidification is very common in competitor oils because of a large number of impurities in their oil. This leads to very challenging end-product formulation issues.


Our product doesn’t taste like you’re eating plants. It doesn’t have the taste of chlorophyll aka grass. Other products taste like grass. Nobody likes the taste of grass… unless you’re cattle or a small furry animal.

The bottom LINE

Our product is attractive to 3 senses: Taste, Smell, and Sight and is best for end-formulation of our products.